‘Islamic State’ Should Cause No Surprise

just a little surprise thanks to the Iraqi Army and US weapons.


(Written for Arutz Sheva, translated from the Hebrew by Rochel Sylvetsky)

For the past several months, the entire world has been busy writing and talking about the “Islamic State” or the “caliphate nation”, as if this phenomenon poses a totally new threat whose cruelty and rapid advance has never been seen before.

Without doubt, the cruel behavior of the organization’s adherents, expressed for the most part by beheadings, massacres, the starving of non-Muslims to death and the sale of their wives on the open market gives rise to revulsion, fear and feelings of horror in the Middle East and beyond. The rapidity with which the IS fighters have wrested control of large areas has caused widespread panic as well.

The West is amazed by this phenomenon, mainly because it avers that there has never been anything like it in the annals of mankind.

The “Islamic State” is the unfortunate…

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