Twitter Targets The Islamic State

Twitter warz


8963AC5C-E5D5-4C48-A7B8-97510FB71448_w640_r1_sMatthew Hilburn

Twitter is targeting the so-called Islamic State (IS).

IS and its supporters are facing “significant pressure” due to an increase in Twitter account suspensions, according to terrorism expert J.M. Berger, author of a forthcoming book on the militant group.

Berger, who spoke this week before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said that “the most active and viral users [are] taking the brunt of the suspensions” and that supporters of IS have called the suspensions “devastating.”

His testimony was based on an upcoming paper investigating IS’s use of Twitter slated to be published in March.

Twitter, Berger said, initially “took an extremely permissive approach to the question of what content it would permit,” in contrast to Facebook and YouTube, which allowed users to flag content that supports terrorism.

Twitter did not respond to a request from VOA for information on the number of suspended accounts.

But Berger said…

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