Violent Fight Breaks Out Inside Nepalese Mosque Over Who Will Lead Prayers

sharia unveiled

Nepal Mosque 1

More Than a Dozen Injured, 8 Hospitalized and 10 Arrested

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Dispute over the appointment of maulana (religious leader) at a Muslim neighbourhood in Mahottari district turned violent on Saturday, as two groups, one in favour of retaining the incumbent maulana and the other in support of replacing him, clash ed in which more than 12 people were injured.

The issue of replacing the maulana at the mosque in Maliwara of Jaleshwar-12 has caused a division in the community for the past two months. “Today it broke out into an all out war outside the mosque,” said Dunaki Ansari, a local resident.

The dispute started after some people in the community demanded appointment of a new maulana in place of Shehraj Ansari. Shehraj has been assuming the role of maulana for the past six years.

Another local Jaid Ansari claimed that Shehraj had already been replaced…

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