Failure: French police stopped fleeing terrorists escaping to Belgium, and let them go

The Muslim Issue

Typical France. We laughed when we heard the statement that France had one of the world’s “best” security forces. In the last attack there was at least three security failures in tackling the terror threat. And now we learn that the French police knew one of the terrorists for quite some time (the usual case) but never added him to their terror list. They also STOPPED and QUESTIONED the fleeing terrorists trying to leave Paris to travel to Belgium and LET THEM GO!

Readers may recall the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015 where the whole world could see “efficiency” of the French police. When the terrorists tried to escape by car in a small one-way street near the Hebdo office, the terrorists drove straight into a meeting police vehicle. The French police then backed off and allowed them to escape! They had a perfect shot to finish them off…

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