Turkish journalist who revealed government run ISIS-hospitals is prosecuted

The Muslim Issue

‘Only I and my paper were prosecuted’ – journalist who exposed Turkey’s hospitality for jihadists

Published time: 4 Dec, 2015 13:23
by RT

There were numerous reports of Islamist fighters injured in Syria finding shelter and treatment in Turkish hospitals. Dogu Eroglu, a journalist who broke one such story, told RT it resulted in only him and his newspaper being prosecuted.

[Terrorist given free hospital care by the Turkish government]

Eroglu is an investigative journalist working for the opposition BirGun (One Day) newspaper. In September last year he wrote an expose on a medical facility in Gaziantep, a town in southeastern Turkey about an hour’s drive from the Syrian border. The hospital treated fighters who had been injured in the neighboring country with the tacit approval of the Turkish authorities.

“I was told by the hospital administration that they are jihadist fighters and do not have any other profession,” he…

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