UK: Trending ‘You ain’t no Muslim bruv’ poster boy for moderate Muslims – was no Muslim after all

The Muslim Issue

Hum… how embarrassing for the leftist idiots. Their moderate Muslim poster boy, even quoted by the dhimmi Prime Minister David Cameron, and thousands of others – was not even a Muslim. No wonder the majority of Muslims stayed quiet and disputed the sentence and called it un-islamic and against Sharia.

Didn’t we already guess the statement came from an infidel? It’s ridiculous. When ignorant infidels create a “trend” of a moderate Muslim who doesn’t even exist, they should at least realize how stupid they are. But they don’t. They still insist there are all these enormous volume of Muslims who do not agree with terrorism and don’t support it. If a Muslim opposes jihad, he is going against Islam. It would not only be illegal for them but it would be unthinkable.



Tube attack hero who shouted ‘You ain’t no Muslim bruv’ reveals he is NOT a…

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