Nixon & Kissinger: Indians are bastards, Indira a bitch – Gary J. Bass

Interesting Flashback: Kissinger, Gandhi, Nixon and Pakistan.

Bharata Bharati

Richard Nixon & Henry Kissinger

The Blood TelegramThis is an excerpt fromThe Blood Telegram: India’s Secret War in East Pakistan by Gary J. Bass. 

IN THE PRIVACY of the Oval Office, Nixon said that “if they’re not going to have a famine the last thing they need is another war. Let the goddamn Indians fight a war.” Kissinger agreed: “They are the most aggressive goddamn people around there.”

He said that they should pressure Gandhi to avoid military action, and complained that the Indians were “getting so devious now.” Nixon wanted to be sure that Pakistan would be well looked after: “But we don’t say anything against Yahya?”

“No, no,” Kissinger assured the president. “You just say you hope the refugees will soon be able to go back to East Pakistan. He will then reply to you that’s exactly what he wants. I’ve got it all arranged with the embassy. You can tell the Indians to pipe…

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