“Super Tuesday Express, The Trump Train”

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The Super Tuesday Express

Trump won as predicted and at first it looked like he might sweep all the states except Texas, which is Cruz’s home state. Cruz actually took Oklahoma too, as well as Alaska. Rubio won his first primary—Minnesota.

Rubio sure does like to repeat himself. I heard him call Trump a ‘con man’ at least a dozen times Tuesday night. Trump may be saying the populist things people want to hear. Is he sincere? I guess we’ll find out once he’s elected. However, we do know that con men already populate both parties. HIllary Clinton in particular has a lot of experience with tricking people. She and her rapist husband are both grifters who will lie through their teeth to gain power and money. During her victory speech she croaked that we all need to be more ‘kind and loving.’ Sure, Hillary. Is that how you acted…

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