Hillary Clinton supports the federal death penalty

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a video of the prime Democratic candidate supporting the federal death penalty. Clinton’s answer is in response to a question at Ohio State University from a man unjustly convicted of murder. She says she supports the penalty for “terrorists,” including American terrorists like Timothy McVeigh, “in cases where there have been horrific mass killings.”

And yet, at the beginning of her answer, she says that she would “breathe a sigh of relief” if the Supreme Court eliminates the death penalty, and it’s not clear whether she’s talking about state death penalties or both federal and state death penalties. But does it matter? Death is death, whether imposed by state or federal governments. And if she means total elimination of executions at all levels, then her subsequent statement is mendacious. And seriously, are potential terrorists going to be deterred from murder by the death penalty? Give me a break!

This is almost a non-negotiable for me; there…

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