Smugtard For The Win!

A Swift Sunrise


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~ HIS DAD WAS FAMOUS and important and rich and a quiet pro-communist soft-dictator. And a noted wreckifier of Canada.

Now, Junior Justin is Boss Of All The Things™ in Canada, as our newly elected Prime Minister. So shut up, peasants! Bend the knee! Obey his commands! Abort your pre-borns! Jack up the debts! Wink at Allah! Smooch with Globalisms! Goggle at his girl-quotas, because it was 2015, or something.

Higher And Higher

Now, according to noted internets irritant and Binks-fave anti-feminits Sargon Of Akkad, our very own million dollar trust-fund baby Justin The Mighty™ has now been elected….

The Pope Of Feminism!* Yay us! Or something.

You know, cuz the hapless and helpless womens are apparently inferior to men, and need a Justin to save & help them, and promote them into Cabinet whether they have the experience or the chops…

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