PuffHo again distorts Islam, trying to show that it’s a great religion

Why Evolution Is True

The “Religion” section is one of the most annoying aspects of that annoying site. I don’t know why I keep looking at it, but I suppose it helps me keep my finger on the American religious pulse.

The tenor of the site is to argue that all faith is good, and any criticism of faith is based on a misunderstanding of that faith. And so it is with Islam, which PuffHo, about as Regressive Leftist as a site can be, is constantly trying to show us is really a Religion of Peace.

Of course for some Muslims it is, but overall it’s also very authoritarian, and rife with bigotry and oppression, something you can easily see if you look at the Pew Survey of the World’s Muslims that came out three years ago. The survey didn’t really involve all the world’s Muslims, for they didn’t question the citizens of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, or…

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